Some Left-overs

Hello, good morning and good day! Hope you all are having a lovely start to the week with plenty of upbeat energy and fresh ideas for the days ahead! Do I sound a bit intense? Well, I’m kind of brushing off a hectic week, so a little moody dust remains. All the same, got my spring back in my step with today’s workout at the gym. Oh! wait, can you even guess how my weekend would have probably gone? I did lose some amount but what I had to sacrifice for it, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Speaking of which, that is all I had! Yes, many many cups of green tea (so that eliminates any sweet reminisces) and many more glasses of water. I’m beginning to think water is weighing me down. Lol!  I do have to wake up before the sun does..but it’s actually giving me more time during the day and plenty more time to improve my blogging skills. I better, fast. I also must credit my trainer to be extremely strict with my routines and his supervision of my diet. Where was he about 10yrs back?? Hehehe! But, as the old saying goes, it’s never too late..or is it? 🙂

So, what have you guys been upto? My mother made this most delicious Beef Fry over the weekend and it so happens that beef is my choice of meat over any other. Oops, forgot Lamb/Mutton/Goat as well. That just explains why I’ve got more red blood cells and greener nerves :D! Chicken is boring now. I think it has to do with its accessibility..but, whatever.

On a day, of my liquid mum dug in with an accompaniment of rice and curd! I mean like beef was the main dish! But rice and curd! We South-Indians cannot live without either. At least I can’t. And although I was born and brought up and have lived most of my work life in the North (where the staple is wheat flatbread), my Malayali strings, when it comes to rice and curd, haven’t broken! Nada! So, when she ate her lunch..and teased me..I made sure I sat in front of her..and had a glass of test my own will-power. And I stuck it out! Yay!

Today, I had my bit. Beef and whole lot of onions! Wow! Simply irresistable! A smile lit up my face which also reminded me, my journey of weight-loss is no where near it’s end..but a little indulgence is always welcome. The only catch, when you’re on a diet..even boring everyday food becomes more tasty than it had ever been!! If you’re staying at your parents and your mum cooks for you…well!! there is never ‘boring food’.

Have a fantastic week and tell me what your menu looks like.


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