Soupy Weekend

Yup, it’s the weekend (almost over at my side of the world) and guess how it went? Yes, absolutely right..the liquid way. The liquid diet weekend of two whole sure is testing. But it also gave me a chance to unwind, which I normally do on the first of the two days. Sleep, sleep and just sleep and when I sleep I dream that on Monday when I step on the will show a lighter me.. 🙂 Sundays, normally I try and be more useful around the house, either cleaning up or getting some pot shots..hahaha..quite literally getting some pot shots!

Here’s the before the soup was poured image..

and here’s after it was poured and of course after the image was photoshopped and lightroomed!

The main setup was very simple. Natural sunlight (albeit on a cloudy day) coming in through the right of the camera. A fill card ( a piece of foam core board) placed on the left of camera to fill in the already diffused shawdow although still evident. A white tablecloth placed beneath the dishes also aids in throwing up some additional light. Here, although more required to use a tripod and slow down the shutter to let in more light, I hand-held the camera and opened up my aperture to it’s widest possible. I used a 50mm lens and it’s maximum aperture was 1.8. All I did, addtionaly was to hold the camera vertically in portrait orientation and shoot, as I wanted more height than width for this image. Another reason was to hide the wooden bench underneath all these items. I could have gone for a head-on shot but the dark background would have affected my overall metering and instead shot at a 45 degree angle, not only to show its contents but also to control how much of the bench showed (in this case, totally avoided it).

In one of my earlier posts, I did mention about discussing Photoshop/ Lightroom to further enhance the image and I’m going to be using this example for the same. I shall get back to you with that post in a day or two.

For now, I’m going to be leaving you with another post. A story about 3 eggs. Since, I hadn’t posted in a few days and that excercise was done a few days back over a weekday, I belive it will be a bonus! Immediate requirement, some ‘liquid’ energy and back to a new post in a jiffy!


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