Fall is Here and So Am I!

Or is it?? I am so glad to be back after what seemed like an eternity! To whomsoever has been keeping an eye, thank you ever so much for your patience. It is true, that blogging doesn’t take too much of creative juice, but for a person like me who is in a perpetual blender of varied activities it certainly needs a bit of shake up ever so often.

But wait! I have an excuse! Aha! Me and no excuse for my absence from a blog that deals with food pictures..no way. Not to rant a lot about it, I had to take some time out for my anatomy that literally went under the knife, and a surgeon’s knife at that. Unfortunately, the hangover took a little longer than I wanted it to take. But heck, that wasn’t up to me..right..so I know you guys will pass me on this too. One final time! PLEASE!

However, during the medical hiatus, I rediscovered my interest in the subject of food and drink photography in a completely new way. Learnt so much more by unlearning a bit. That my friends, is to be tried by all. If you feel saturated, do not fret..just desaturate your perspective and look at your work anew.

I’ve also managed to start on another pet project of mine which is to photograph people. In all their raw essence (pun!). I will blog about it at another corner, not sure how much I can regularly (but I did warn you about it, in the beginning, didn’t I? ;))

I’ve met some crazy clients too. Yes! yes! I’ve been busy with ‘client’ work. Many whom I can relate my craziness with and many just plain ‘ol crazy. However, in all of the springing back routines, I missed out on the first edition of the Indian Food Blogger’s Meet. I told myself it’s okay! Next year, it will only be better having taken care of the teething problems by the organizers.

I’m a little packed in with an exhibition I’m helping yet another client with and may not post over this weekend but there are some images I definitely want to share on my continuous learning path. For now, leaving you guys with a quick image (an outtake from another shoot subject) for it’s a sweet comeback! Happy Weekend. See you soon, I’m alive and will be kicking up a storm! 😀

Pastel Pasties

Pastel Pasties


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