The Week That Went By

Nothing much to brag about, but yet trying to keep up with the blog, lest I fall behind again. :p

As mentioned last time, I was busy with a small exhibition and sale for a very talented fine artist. That kept me on my toes and also another set of photography assignment for another client. But in all of the hectic schedule at work, I finally managed to step out and get a little retail therapy in order to keep my polarities in sync! Thanks to a good friend who is also an image make over expert, I even got a new mirror image..a.k.a a well overdue haircut. But why am I talking about all these things here? Well because, I also was gifted this little treasure which is so proudly my new home page image. Keeping with my mania of food and photography. A very apt and thoughtful gift!

Kettle & Cup

At this rate, I’ll be soon having my pic in a boiling cauldron as well! Ha! The above image was shot pretty randomly for want of more time. Backlit by a huge window and a board of foamboard in the front to soften the shadows a bit. Where I am at, we are having extremely temperamental weather, so had to just shoot and get it out of the way. I was incidentally making a pot of coffee alongside! Coincidence? No, intentional! Can’t wait to have it around my neck! An occasion for a selfie..yaay! 🙂

Have a great week folks. Tell me what your shooting? What are your favorite mealtime stories?




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4 responses to “The Week That Went By

  1. Waiting for a cuppa with you!! Lovely!! And cheers to a great photographer and a good friend!!

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