Saturday Strobes

Hellos to my food blogger world!

Saturdays are normally for siesta..but for me it’s the time I get maximum to unleash my true colors, away from the maddening city life. Although an extrovert by birth, I find myself increasingly pushing the my – own – world button over the weekends. But to tell you the truth that button is pushed on some karmic cyclic level, whatever that means, lol! 🙂

So, out comes my big speedlight, an umbrella which I never use for a rainy day..or a sunny one for that matter and a reflector and although Saturday’s are meant to laze and not put too much effort, once I start getting into the thick of things, I pull out all stops and I can’t seem to stop, just like when you have the first hot piece of perfectly cooked French fries. What an analogy!

Another confession. I am very skeptical about using strobes for food & drink. It has a pretty steep learning curve and unless you practice the life out of you and the strobe power pack, it’s safe to say it’s not an easy cookie to learn swiftly. yourself are a quick nut yourself. Cookies and roasted nuts. I’m salivating! Okay, stop thinking of ‘eating food’.



Milk Jug and Whisk

Milk Jug and Whisk


Tech Specs: ISO:500, f/10 (for good clarity and details), 1/100s (safe sync speed with flash for my camera), flash output : 1/4th power (Yongnuo 465), Nikon D90,

Nikkor 18-105mm, f/3.5-5.6

Ok, so here’s the behind the scenes action.

Behind The Scenes

It’s a small vacant room of about 8’x6′. Crammed everything I possibly could and pushed my back literally at the wall. As is evident, the flash was double diffused since it was hitting the camera straight on. The lens hood was not used and so the double diffusion helped. The small screen you see in the pic right after the umbrella is a DIY scrim. Helps a ton for that clean uniform look as opposed to light coming from a window with grills. On camera left is a regular round reflector (white side facing product, obviously..duh..), held up with a reflector arm (thank God, I get some additional hands at times such as these), camera right, I held up a foam core board, mnus extension arms..basically with my own :p . The whole setup was fired by a remote to trigger the camera and speedlight.

It might seem a bit blown up in the image above but I took multiple ones, varying the shutter speed and light intensity on the speedlight. However, if Getty Images chose this for their stock library, I’m more than happy 🙂

The only thing I would have added to the stage would have been a couple eggs. My favourite prop, especially when there is a whisk involved..they so go together! I don’t think they’ll be splitting up too soon. Haha!

What’s on your plate this weekend?

Happy week ahead. Experiment and let me know about your spaces.


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