The Eggdog

and Beep beep boop! That’s how I am welcomed everytime I log in to my wordpress account. That’s what I’ve been doing also..beepity beepity boopity hop with my posts here. Seriously folks, my apologies. The perils of having to travel a lot (err..between two cities, nevertheless..) is a being away from all of you and away from what I enjoy doing (again..err..that is the photography part of it).

October has been  tragically chaotic. Meh…I don’t wanna rant about it anymore though..cause it’ll just bring about another disastrous episode of wallowing in it and we don’t want that we?

Nada. Be happy..that’s the ‘essence’ of life.  🙂 So sunny side up it is. The Egg Version of sunny side up..will follow soon..right now..I,m talking life!

The Eggdog

The Eggdog

Why I call it the “Egg”dog is because I got eggs in there (so random…sheesh) but lets talk about how that yellow fellow comes for the bite. As a food photographer my obvious choice of light is to convey a moment, an emotion, to make you want to eat what you see..and see what you eat..if you will.. 🙂

Time of shot taken: morning. In fact a little late in the morning. doesn’t really matter as long as you have a fair amount of light and a bit of awareness on how to manipulate it to your liking. Do you want it diffused or harsh? Do you want it bluer or more sunny..or even orange to convey a specific mood. It all comes down to personal choices. One doesn’t have to be overly creative with the setting/ and even choices but have at least a fair idea of what you want. Some people, I know…( good ok! don’t tell ) take food shots with their phone camera..instagram it to literally..(but hey! well..INSTA…but it’s not Instant Noodles…so’s still instant!)..ok I was just having a dialogue there with my alter ego that represents some of the people I know.. 😉 Total digression!

Continue…where was I?hmm..oh yeah!

I wanted to be little bright and cheerful and not evocative. Appetizing yes, not moodily so. Most people..have this for breakfast to start their day on a high note. They do wind down with a peg or two so that’s for another day to play with feelings! 😀

It’s so important to get some good hand picked veggies especially if they are going to be presented raw in a sandwich or a salad..etc. Hence, when I did go shopping and picked up the greens I knew if I were to do the shoot..then I better hurry up. I don’t have a slicer at home and seldom cut perfect rounds of tomatos and onions..hence another crucial aspect was to to prep a little slow so as to get the best you can. Having said that I wish I had also changed up the third slice (from top) of tomato. But I guess hunger was also in the let it be. ha ha!

I wasn’t too troubled by the design on the plate because I knew I’d be using shallow depth of field and in the end it actually wasn’t so bad..cause of the plant design (repeated word..this is a blog about my food images, not a grammar test..ok whatever..Oh Stop it!).

I boiled the egg just till it was a bit on the well done side..reason for this was to hold it’s shape when I halve it. Now..plating was a issue. Not. I just put next to the dog and had to figure out the best angle. I wanted the yellow to pop and take attention because I knew since the bread was as it is brown and bigger in scale the eggies will get burnt to the back. Hence had to be careful not to blow out the whites yet keep the yellow fairly in check. Light wise..we have been having cloudy days, so there was no harsh shadows to think of. It was further diffused as the glass pane that it enters through is frosted hence double diffusion. My head actually was trying to get light in the opposite direction without having to drop the shutter speed. Speed was important…remember …hunger vs pictures..

Tried rotating the plate a few times for that appealing angle and then snapped away gloriously. How much is too much is a constant  decision for me when it comes to the pepper and salt garnish. I don’t add too much to my food..hence I apply the same logic to my pictures. If I don’t eat too much of the pepper (despite the fact I have to eat later), I don’t want to See too much of it either. Just a pinch fro high (not on top of a ladder :p ) so that it doesn’t clump down in one lot..and has an even courage. The black popped instantly on the yellow background and  that contrast helped me get a good focus. Backlight with a bit of fill from front with the help of a white cutting board ( so basic..) and a one hand dance to hit the trigger..paid off for a filling and content breakfast later..phew…finally!

I did bring it in to PS and bump up the blacks a bit just to saturate the tomatoes and leaves.  A touch of highlights in the extreme right corner, text to give it a mag feel. Voila! done. Happy Me! Happy To Be Shooting Food Again! All Over Again 😉

The sunny side up egg, or bulls eye (didn’t know bulls eye was yellow…really?), or  fried egg..whatever you call is soon to follow, cause that presents me with the challenge of reflections and ya’ll know how much I love challenges (no they don’t…yes they do…No!..Yes…No…stop it…)

Bye everyone..until next…stay happy..and happy shooting (eating..)


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