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I had been wanting to make pasta at home, from scratch, for ever. I even bought the apparatus that makes life so much more easier to live. For some silly reason it kept getting put off…until now!

Yes, yesterday was a ‘pasta making project’ day. In spite of a very late night I  woke up all enthusiastic about accomplishing the task at hand and not for once did I let it linger. After the much required cold-coffee (it’s soaring Sun rays here) and the mandatory newspaper reading, yes I still prefer to read it traditionally than have someone keep updating their social media and telling the same thing :p ) it was Get, Set, GO!

I found it a perfect opportunity to dive right back into my photography as well. Sometimes, you just got to do it and not think about it or plan for it too much. Sometimes, if you plan too much ahead, things just don’t go according to the plan! 🙂

Why I called it a project is because it took a good chunk of my time in getting it done. I was for the first time ever, making my own pasta! The realization of that, has opened so many doors (proverbially)!

When I set out the pasta maker on the table, however,  I was faced with two primary challenges when it came to shooting it. One, that it was a glass table and Two, the pasta maker was steel. Both highly reflective surfaces.

Now, I’m not one to get too overwhelmed and I knew if I’d pass on the opportunity, I won’t be photographing it again. For sure! I mean like, really it won’t happen.

Then what I did next, was not very pleasing! Especially to people who are fanatic about cleanliness. While one cooks, it needs to be ‘seen’ too! Right? What’s cooking without a little mess?

So, I got around collecting all the ingredients and spreading it sporadically on the table. To counter the reflection of the machine showing up in the glass table, I mounted it on a wooden plank. It also doubled up for sturdiness, so that was beneficial. Who said there’s no method in madness 😉

I also sprinkled a lot of flour all over…but over time I did get quite messy by itself. I just initiated a wee bit!

First up, the flour well with the eggy water.


(Tech Spec: f/5.6, ISO: 250, 1/3s, 105 mm. Natural Light from left with reflected light from right)

 Again, I had been wanting to shoot raw eggs…why?? Umm…I just like the way the light hits it and it reflects off the yolk! Strange ‘likes’ haha. I managed to kill two birds at the same time. Shooting the egg, done!

By the time the dough was knead and rested, the table and surrounding elements looked as though some flour/egg twister had gone through the space! I was a happy photog!

The only little element that was distracting was a slight gap between the board and the linen on the side. I strategically placed a fork of a fairly vintage era to add to the table.

And since I was not directly in front of the machine, it did not catch any of my reflections either. All in all, quite pleased.


(Tech Spec: f/5, ISO: 250, 1/4s, 42 mm. Natural Light from left )

P.S.: You are not allowed to make any comments on the straight edge of the dough sheet. This is Not a baking class and not being messy, or cutting in straight edges, I tend to be a little rough on the sides! Lmao!

As I cut the sheets into Fettuccini, I noticed the transperancy of the threads. Hence, moved to a different point of view and let the light pass through. The out of focus rolling pin and the edge light it had, added to the charm of the whole composition. All I did was to move myself…and not anything else, not too much.



 (Tech Spec: f/5.3, ISO: 250, 1/6s, 66 mm. Natural Light from left )


 (Tech Spec: f/5.3, ISO: 250, 1/6s, 66 mm. Natural Light from left )

Here I let the uncut dough sheet and the machine’s natural geometry frame the Fettuccine threads. I love the way it weaves back and forth. 🙂

Well, end of the day, although my hand ached a bit from all the manual roll-cutting, and it had been a while since I shot, with some heavy glass attached, I was quite happy from the outcome. I had text running through my head to write, I had some pictures and I had pasta to eat!


  (Tech Spec: f/5.6, ISO: 250, 1/15s, 105 mm. Natural Light from Top left )


Normally, everyone knows how cooked pasta looks like so I didn’t want to go the usual route of showing the finished product. But rest assured, they were gone soon after they were served! Pasta, et all!

The recipe was adapted from the book that was included with the maker. It says, Traditional Pasta Dough using Semolina and All Purpose Flour as the base and Eggs and a dash of Olive Oil.

The machine itself has given me some ideas to use for other purposes. But that we will leave for another day, another post 😉



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