I’ve always been a big naysayer of taking pictures via a phone. I mean a phone is a phone and a camera, a camera. Why get all mixed up. That’s why the two exist independently of each other 😀 .

That was until now.

Increasingly I have been seeing a lot of images by people who are not ‘photographers’, but who want to capture moments spent with their family or friends and eventually where a meal or snack is the magnet. Even for those loners, sometimes, food is big on their list of private moments caught forever. They are not the bloggers, they are not the reviewers and certainly they are not doing it just to ‘fit in’. They are people like you and me, who live in the moment and for the them even if it means a quick snap off their phone cameras, the moment is treasured forever. So agree, not always is your ‘camera kit’ with you (even if you are a photog) but your phone will always be. Whether it gets lost or stolen, that’s another story but a phone is now an extension of the physical anatomy and with it the phone camera 🙂 .

A few days back, I was feeling too beat to cook a meal. Was in the process of going back and forth a few projects, catching up a little socially with friends and acquaintances and just the usual humdrum of life. It had been awhile since I shot anything edible. That reminds me. Something I’ve always wanted to do might just come to fruition finally. Let’s get to that after it’s cooked. I’m a little superstitious, increasingly so nowadays.

Back to present. So whetting my options on what to order in, I finally settled for a feisty pizza (total bummer it turned out to be). It was to me just another pizza on just another day. But this day, something in my head clicked it as I took the first bite and for a change I had my phone pretty close to me. I wanted to understand, why and how people so spontaneously take pictures of what they eat, apart from many other things. Hence, not considering it for too long, just went straight in as

I’m quite sure there are better food pictures using a phone camera of a pizza. The point is not in the technical details this time, although to an extent keeping a few in mind, won’t harm at all. The point here is to just capture that moment, whatever it may be, because once over, it will never come back. I was quite pleased with how the image turned out and how people reacted to it on my Instagram (yes, I am on instagram now 🙂 ) feed as well. The colors, the lighting and more importantly, the emotion it evoked. I still keep looking at it and smiling to myself. It was totally unplanned, but that totally made my day! 😀

Instantly, I was wondering what beverage I could pair it with. I’m not a person with very strong tastes ( 😉 , you have to take my word for it) and also something that was readily accessible. I had this image from a previous trip to a cafeteria in my home town, which again I shot pretty much on the spot, having nothing else but a menu card to help in a bit of a light setup. However, in this instance it was from the big toy which I happened to be carting around. Still, like I mentioned, no fore thought whatsoever, point and shoot it was. It was a cloudy day, so the diffused sun cover definitely helped and also that I was sitting next to a window wall. Next time you are at a place, make sure to get a seat next to a light source and yes, please do show some courtesy and check with the staff at hand if you are allowed to shoot. I did and I will always ask.

B&D-1 These days, with technology being on top of things constantly, the picture quality coming off a phone has vastly improved. To those old-schoolers like me, let it not deter you. For those who have grown up with the phone cameras..just don’t be too rushed either in capturing your satisfying meal. Think over the frame and lighting and try and avoid too many of those preset filters. It doesn’t digest well all the time. Have fun and let others drool over some great smart phone imagery.

Until next, stay healthy and keep on clicking food!


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