Newbie to blogging, passionate about photography and an entreprenuer at the core..these does describe me well. Apart from all of this, I LOVE FOOOD and even looking at the many many food pictures across this huge internet universe, makes me salivate. This is a page for my food blogging efforts, with a slightly different flavor. In that, it seeks to de-mystify the magic of mouth-watering food images and also aid and encourage beginners, be it in the field of photography, food blogging or just people who love to both cook and shoot their delicious preparations. With it, this helps me to improve my own skills in this challenging yet exciting world of photography. Watch this space and share your’s and lets do some cooking and shooting (food that is :)) together!!

Oh..and before we begin..just a small footnote..if you do like the images you see and wish to use them, just give me a shout and I can provide you the full resolution images. I generally don’t take to people who tamper with my images (however bad..), copy and paste as their own..morph..etc.etc. I’m keeping the watermark to the ever so transparent level so as not to distract you during your culinary quests..but if you want to link back here..feel free. I love making friends, world-wide!



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