Basic Ingredients & Utensils

Yes! At least in my world of cooking, there are some must have’s to prepare an image. What are they? Very simple and in all probablities you have or are aware of most.

1. Camera (or else how do you propose to capture an image?)

2. Tripod (unless you have some rock-solid hands, at times more than 2 :))

3. Light source (obviously a black picture isn’t a picture!)

4. Vision/ Idea (very very important, unless we know what to make..what do we make?)

5. Related to point 1. How to use my camera..what are those funny numbers and buttons..( the manual..just so you know where what is placed when you go through the setups

6. Pots and Pans and Props..(whatever you can lay your hands on..what you think is could be even an old newspaper it..rather use it!)

In addition to the bare minimum, one can add on more to the list as you learn more and get more and more confident. Perhaps the first ever question you might ask is what ‘kind of’ camera? Genuine question. Truth be told, as long as it can shoot and capture an image, clearly, it doesn’t matter. If you have a one -of-a-kind uptown, shmazy fancy  piece of electronic box and don’t know how to use it..well..that’s just what it will be. A Shmazy, fancy piece of Electronic Box! If, you have a basic point and shoot (P&S – just point and click) and know it like the back of your hand..that’s all there is to it! Don’t get to hassaled about the zillion buttons and long as you understand very fundamental technicals (common to any sort of camera) and know WHAT YOU WANT from an’re ready to start!

When I say, technicals..all I mean is to know what happens when you click the shutter..or that ‘thing’ that takes the image. So, a short write up on the basics..and you jump start your food imagery prow-ess. Find the link here..shortly.


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