Project Excercise

I’m calling it an excercise project mainly because I’m going to be learning alongside you. Fellow photographer and food blogger Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen is running a series on food photography, starting right out from the basics. This couldn’t have come at a better time for moi especially! To learn more about this excercise just hop over to her dainty little blog and do give it a try yourself. Since I personally wouldn’t be getting into too much of the basic study of photography, this will surely help if you are looking for one. The best part of her teaching is that it is focussed on food to make things uncomplicated and she writes in a wonderful easy-to-understand language supported with some nice images. Meanwhile, I’ve invited her across to leave her thoughts on mine. For me, I guess my shortfall would be really ‘dressing it up’ :). To begin with here’s my submission and I do hope all you guys can also relate to it. From my side (and since that is also what my blog page is about), I will thereon add a setup shot and talk a little on the basic layout as to how I cooked my image. contribution! So, here’s the first image, which basically shows different methods of cooking a photograph and please do know that as in food, images are solely the vision of the photographer. If it’s an assignment, then the person who eats it is the client, so it should be done as per their liking!

How did that turn up so small? Here’s the image techs. Image left: aperture f/1.8 and shutter speed 1/100ths and image right: aperture f/8 and shutter speed 1/5ths. ISO remained constant at 200 for both. Taken manually in aperture priority mode. What are these terms, you ask?? Ahh..that’s what Aparna will explain better. And now, here’s the setup shot. More after the image.

Dang! How did this image become so huge?? Gosh..what I want doesnt seem to be what I get! Anyway..storytime. My lovely Nikon..masterchef for the image..but it doesnt really matter who cooks as long as they use the same recipe. lovely Nikon..sigh! get on..all i did was to place the camera on a tripod (assistant chef) and placed the mug and spoon on a wooden plank. I kept it simple for beginners lest they get too tied up with the props before we even start. Simple natural light coming in at 10’clock position (a great tip from Helene in her book Plate to Pixel), illuminates most of the side of the mug and shapes its dimensions to give it depth. I could have used a reflector board on the right of camera (out of frame, of course) but since the light was low, I decided to give it a evening feel..yes, the coffee is missing from the setup image and the excercise shot..but that’s the last addition. Fill the frame with the mug (in other words zoom in, but it again depends on what your intention is to take the photograph), focus and shoot away. You are bound to make mistakes or not like the final result..but will certainly become more and more good by practicing. AND that’s exactly why I chose a simple subject of a mug and spoon. Find anything that is already available in your kitchen and experiment. Slowly, when you get the hang of it..start with creative styling and look to round up the meal. :). That’s how it is in cooking too, isn’t it? Here is the final image, which I had envisioned when I started off. There is certainly a bit of post-processing involved. But the above images are out of the camera as is. I’ll get to it in the coming posts. For now. Let’s get an idea of what we want to make.


4 responses to “Project Excercise

  1. Well done on the exercise! I love doing little exercises like that to explain certain things and you’ve done a good job here

  2. Thanks for joining us Rashmi, and this is a great post on how you got through the shoot.
    Your final photograph with the cofee in the mug is really beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Aparna for starting the excercise. I really needed a push to start with this blog and your effort could’nt have come at a better time. Thanks again for stopping by and for your thoughts!

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